522. Urban Tractor

I’ve spotted a tractor across the road, and I always have a soft spot for machinery and heavy vehicles. As a kid I used to play with nothing else but toy versions of machinery, imagining construction sites and heaps of dirt to be moved. I could dream away doing that. Is this why I am so fascinated by them? I don’t know. They are also fun to draw because they have amazing depth and proportions, that is for sure.

I took a picture of the tractor, standing literally 50 meters from my house and I worked on it in the wee morning hours. I tried to be more mindful of the direction the hatching, especially on the tires. Those are tricky as it has to portray the roundness without looking too messy (that indicates blur). So for the tractor I decided to let the lines be horizontal to the tires and that actually works out better. The hatching itself on a digital tablet has both it’s advantages and disadvantages. Lines can be of varying length (yes I know I could have used a different brush), and the zooming of the image also varies the strokes as the relative spacing between strokes is difficult.

But it did allow me to goof up and press Ctrl-Z a couple of times.

I started the tractor yesterday morning but had to stop at 7 am. Time’s up, sorry! But that is actually liberating. The drawing still lives in my head and I can revisit it during the day or when I have the time, or continue it the next day with fresh insights. There is no rush anymore to get them out in time, and I can skip a day if it is really not working out.

But I am dying to go out and draw. I just have to find a portable seat to carry, as my back is the first to complain when I stand on location for an hour. And to be honest I did not feel confident drawing this. So when it turned out the way it did, I was quite happy.

Here is the original picture of the tractor in my area

And here is the link to Instagram with a progress video.

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