520. Cuttlefish

Whenever I start with the intention to render a picture in pen and ink only, it always feels like I am overcompensating lines. I draw the outline, but the lines already feel too strong.

My wife always says nature has no hard edges and naturally, she is not a fan of making line art.

However, the lines need to be there to delineate the subject from it’s surroundings and all boils down to applying texture and crosshatching to render the drawing and make it stand out.

It surprised me that I was already finished with this drawing in 30 minutes or less. One of my fears of drawing in the morning is that I just don’t have the time for it, and that’s just not true. In the end I just refined this drawing for five or six iterations, working on the very minute imperfections in the texture and values.

I will try to keep studying pen and ink rendering as it has something natural, something raw, something definite. There is no right or wrong in starting with a render, as long as you stay consistent in your strokes and true to the texture it needs to represent.

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