Sprint 97 – Team drawings (1/2)

Our sprint started on Wednesday again, and the teams chose their names. Now that there are four teams, it takes a bit more time to draw for each one of them.

First one up is “Epic Fail”. The team name is thought up with failure detection in mind of the system, and problems related to not being able to store results. I envisioned a stop sign, and elephants piling up. One of them is surely not happy crashing into his buddy.

I discovered that Procreate records progress even between drawing sessions and that’s quite neat. If you want to see the video, I posted it on Instagram (for the sake of preserving space).

The second team wanted a successor on their first sprint name called “Big Brother”. I drew an elephant staring at monitors, but Big Brother is also a reality show. The successor of Big Brother is Utopia. Which also has a double meaning as one reaches a state of Utopia when everything is perfect. Something monitoring of a system will show. All systems green ✔

Also for this one there is a video playback on Instagram.

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