Vintage Trucks (part 1)

This is a picture from the Estes Express Lines earliest trucks. A 1940s White “Super Power” Dual Drive Estes truck in downtown Chase City.

A while back, I was scrolling through Google images, and landed on a set of vintage trucks. Somehow I knew I had to draw them. There is something raw and unfiltered about trucks from the 1940’s where it’s not all about aesthetics.

This is also one of my fewer attempts to just draw pen & ink, and have as little guide lines as possible, to just let my mind fill in the blanks and be maximally imbued with the process, as every line I draw is permanent. A fine line between excitement and anxiety.

I used only about 8 squares to get a spatial indication, and let my pencil guide me. I did this on purpose to see how I would do if there was minimal information to start with, only spatial detail. It is a good practice to take outside as this truck took me approximately 40 minutes to draw. And yes it is not perfect, but urban sketching it is not about realism, but being in the moment, capturing the information your eye sees (although I would have to time travel to 1940’s to do this one, just like Rosie’s Diner I did a while back.

Here is a photo of the only pencil strokes used. Eventually I might even switch to using pen only, but I got to build up that confidence.

As shown, I was only interested in relative proportions. How high is the cabin related to the grill, how big are the wheels and how do they line up? I tried to get the perspective right but that was not even my main goal. I wanted to be sure I would not run out of paper when I just started drawing or end up with a horribly warped perspective. I had to shorten the truck as I didn’t have enough room to draw it full length.

This is a picture of the original truck, with link to the history article from Estes Express Lines. Isn’t she a beauty?

 Estes truck in downtown Chase City

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