513. Bento Box

If this would be in my Bento Box I would starve.

The concept Bento Box is actually quite cool. A (lunch) box with compartments, having a variety of foods. Traditionally rice, noodles and meat. I’ve seen pictures online with of boxes with a smart diet, and I might want to try that sometimes, and not stick to the lettuce I have most of my dietary days, which makes me feel I am slowly turning into a rodent.

When I have time I dig drawing a general concept idea in my Moleskine, not too big so that I do not get tempted by details. I make a photo and use it as an under layer in Procreate (or Sketchbook Pro). I set my pencil to a dark blue and trace the lines. When done, I set that layer to luminocity (making it gray) and trace it again, with a dark marker pencil. That forms the base, a nice harmony between light and dark lines. Then I color. I am slowly getting the hang of using an airbrush in Procreate. I used to use pastel brushes in Sketchbook Pro which are easier for texture, but more hard to get right.

Here is the original sketch. The whole process took me about an hour and a half. When I decide to draw regularly again, I need to somehow optimize this when I do not have the luxury of drawing a bit longer.

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