This concludes the end of me posting daily drawings. From now on I will sketch daily, I will have fun daily, but I won’t be posting them daily. I will post them when I think they are done, right here on this blog.

I will post them when I think they are good enough to share, when I do not have to rush and have to fight the medium because I have no time to let watercolors dry, causing undesired bleeds, discolorations and what not.

I want to take time to study the medium. Mentally absorb what’s happening on paper, without a finite time that I allow myself, only to get stressed over the end result.

More often than not on a school going weekday, things got too hectic in the morning because I was late waking my daughter up, because I was trying to get this drawing out before seven.

My original goal was 365 drawings, so ending the streak at 511 is a small victory over my victory. I will still draw or sketch daily, I might still follow r/SketchDaily for inspiration, but after 511 drawings I have to say, pushing myself to post daily has become a mental struggle as I always want to deliver a better drawing than the day before.

And I will work on that. I will work on making drawings I can be proud of, and it may take several days. As long as the daily deadlines are removed, I will be more content with what I can produce.

For the geeks and nerds in the group, 0b111111111 is 511 in binary. Nine bits of one, before the next rollover to 512 which sets the tenth bit. A new begin.

This post is my first one without a drawing to break the chain, and revisit where I want to go, where my artistic interests take me, what my next drawing project will be.

2 Replies to “0b111111111”

    1. Especially when there is no time to do it in. After 511 drawings I really needed a break. I have new ideas, but due to awful sleep I lacked the mental energy to start. It is a weird feeling though..


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