Team 2/4 – What IS this?

At work, we went from two to four teams, and I am pretty sure the new team members also had trouble with the switch. They had to come up with permanent team names, and a sprint theme name. The joke is hard to translate, but this is a shout out to change that Agile advocates, necessity requires, a switch in working with more focus, hopefully for the better.

For this drawing, I got hints from a scene from Knight Rider, which was translated to urban Dutch parody (and to be honest, really bad). I took a still from that scene and had my way with it.

Dr. Bonnie Barstow (the chief technician) pulls something out of K.I.T.T. and there is an analogy how we have to configure hardware.

As you can see it is clearly a bunch of wires, but really not. It is a movie prop, to make it look like the technologically superior super car had a fault or something. I loved the series as a child, but have no real memories of it.

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