509. Team 1/4 – RPG

This was drawn in the waiting room in the hospital. I was quite happy to have my tablet to bring my drawing to completion. My wife read her magazine, but to say time flew by, no not really. We were cussing at every number that appeared in the screen that wasn’t ours.

I had a concept sketch going since this morning that I could not mature enough. This drawing has seen a couple of iterations, but such is the way of the creative process I guess.

It gets harder and harder to use an hour for drawing. Sometimes the concept is just not mature enough, or the process takes too long which makes me rush. I am thinking hard about drawing every day, but not posting every day. It will be liberating on my schedule, but also scary as it has been my go-to method for 508 drawings and a good re-enforcement to develop my skills.

But that is just the case, my skills are stagnating, and it feels like I am hitting a plateau. I need time to revisit my skill, learn and experiment. I am not 100% sure if I even want to stop posting daily and break my streak, but it sure sounds appealing to step out of this creative rut I am in.

I just need to keep the discipline to post a few drawings a week that I can actually develop without daily pressure. I still got some drawings to go before I make up my mind.

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