507. Terrarium

Here is a little bird house I found on the way of one of my dog walks, an made a picture of. I decided that would look neat in a terrarium, which was today’s prompt.

There is always a trade-off between ambition, time, tools, technique and details. Clearly, I missed the mark here. I started out on de iPad with Procreate but could not get into the drawing I had in mind. Then I switched to my Moleskine sketchbook and sketched out something, but could not go into too much details because I ran out of time.

I noticed that I unconsciously divide my up my time into three distinct activities, and they seem to be in this following ratio. 1/4th of the time I sketch, 1/4th of the time I ink, and 2/4th of the time I color and touch up. This means if within 30 minutes of the hour my inked drawing is not ready, I will be in trouble with coloring it all without it looking like I am in second grade again.

Due to the time constraints, I decided to use the Sakura Koi watercolor paint kit because it is faster to set up. But I noticed that the brush dynamics are at all not to my liking anymore. It might be because it is old and worn, but a soft watercolor brush really feels a lot different. Especially the larger areas are always a problem to get an equal color.

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