503. Jellyfish

I did a scribble of a jellyfish in my sketchbook and realized that this one would look better when it’s done digitally. I am sure I could have fiddled with the gradients and the glow in watercolor, but it would not look the same. Also, I am still shaking off some of the tiredness from yesterday.

This drawing is made in Procreate, choosing a blue background layer and George’s sketch brush in white to do the outline. I kept building layers and switched to a brush in the end to get the more ‘blobby’ (is that a word?) feeling. Although a jelly does not have a brain, something is going on in the middle and that needed to be visible.

I added some background dots to make the water look less pristine as seawater rarely is.

Here is a sketch of an attempt in my sketchbook with Sakura Koi watercolor. I will not show you the halftone paper attempt as it was totally ruined but taught me a valuable lesson what I cannot use halftone paper for.

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