502. Bathtub

This alternate prompt on free draw friday is actually from the nlitvvin’s promptlist mermay. However, lack of sleep and time just made me feel rushed. That is when I came up with the bathtub race idea.

It’s not really original, and I could have done a better shading and coloring job but at least I got it out there, done and over with.

I am over the hump of 500 drawings and it always takes a while to get back in the groove again. It feels good to draw, and it is always nice to do, but the next (big) milestone is not going to happen for a whole year and approximately 4 months from now. That’s something to realize, that aiming for a 1000 drawings milestone is a high number.

It does make me wonder where my skills will be when it’s 26 September 2020. What would I have learned, and what would get my creative juices going? There is only one way to find out, taking it one day per day.

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