501. Rosie’s Diner

I like urban sketching, although I have to admit I did not actually went to Rosie’s Diner (it’s in Cedar Springs, MI) for this picture. Besides doing near light speed travel, I also would have to travel into the past, as it is now closed and even relocated (it was originally in Little Ferry, New Jersey). I can only guess at which time era this was taken.

I wanted to go for a classic diner, and also classic cars. Although I was kind of nervous to draw the cars themselves I was quite happy to get a concept sketch where the perspective felt right in the first try. It gives me confidence when I am sketching on location that something decent will land on paper.

I screwed up the lighting a little bit, which is one of the weak points I have with watercolor painting. I have a hard time knowing which colors cancel each other out, and how to make the shadows look right. But, practice makes perfect.

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