500. Dragon

I huff and puff and could say, I’m fed up with drawing every day. 500 drawings is enough. I’ve had my fill.

I would be lying.

When I started this journey on January 1st 2018, my goal was to keep drawing for a year. Claim ‘me’ time and stay sharp. I had a creative itch for years and it needed to be scratched.

During this 1 year, 4 months and 15 days, I have discovered so much related to time management, personal improvement, creativity and how I see the world. At the start of this adventure I did not know I would fall in love with architecture, large machinery, abandoned structures, barns, nature, so many aspects of the world to capture, just stuff in general!

I simply cannot stop. Drawing has become part of me, it runs through my veins as I feel incomplete if I wouldn’t draw for a day. I know when I do stop, bad things will happen. I will let go of my mindful creative time, my self development will stagnate, and time spent will just be filled with meaningless activities. I will stop seeing a world full of wonders. I will stop daydreaming when I look at structures, animals, nature. That joyful part of me will just schrivel away.

Therefore I can’t stop. Not yet. As of a few drawings ago, I found out other ways to draw, which offer exciting avenues that will hopefully improve my skills.

To counter any perfectionism urges, I deliberately did not try my hardest on this milestone drawing, as I know raising my expectations too high and try my hardest to make this special, would induce creative paralysis.

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