499. Submarine

I started to use my Moleskine watercolor sketchbook again. Granted I did the pencil drawing last night. The drawing a blend of a couple of subs I saw, and I designed my own (which is actually quite fun).

It is amazing how perception of the amount of time needed vs. the amount of time it actually took to make the pencil drawing, is so skewed.

I was tired. I really didn’t want to draw. However, I am trying to claim one pomodoro (25 minutes) at the end of the evening (around 8:30 pm) where I try to get a grip on tomorrow. That usually boils down to reviewing my inboxes, manage my budget and see if there are no tasks at hand this week that can sneak up on me.

When all of that is finished, I usually end up with about 10 to 15 minutes of “free time” on my tomato timer (yes I really have one of those). I started sketching and the whole outline of the sub was done in 10 minutes, I spent a little bit longer just embellishing it.

It puts me ahead of the game for the next morning. I have an idea, I have a rough sketch, and I would have even gone further than that and outlined it with pen if I would not have been so darn tired.

But, switching from digital to watercolor is fun. I am sure I can do similar stylish drawings digitally. It is the watercolor that freed me from my fear of messing up a drawing, it allows me to experiment more.

Switching media once in a while is good. It tosses me out of a comfort zone that might turn into a rut, if I am not careful.

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