498. Piglet in boots

My daughter had an accident this weekend, and hit her chin on the curb playing skateboard. Distraught and anxious we were sitting in the waiting room, where to me, the most traumatic part of it all, was the actual waiting. It was easy to say for me, I was not sitting there with a cut on my chin.

To try to comfort her I handed my phone and let her browse cute animals and funny dogs. At one point we came across a piglet in boots.

“Stop!” I said to her. “Why?” she said. “Daddy wants to draw this cute thing”. It is not an uncommon phrase to hear from me, I love to get inspired by nature and architecture.

We spent 2,5 hours on the emergency ward, our Saturday evening was shot to pieces.

This morning I did not have much time, but I knew I wanted to draw this piglet. Ideally I wanted to first experiment with making a cartoony version, or use it for inspiration only. However, the 40 minutes I had only allowed me to do a (quick) reference study.

I used Procreate. I like the three steps method. 1) sketch with a very light brush, 2) draw more concrete outlines 3) new layer and emphasize with a new ink layer. This way the lower layer (rough sketch) can stay, and touched up and blends naturally in the drawing. The background coloring was done with a simple soft airbrush, varying opacity to blend colors.

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