497. Grimm

I started sketching this in Procreate, just trying out some faces and poses for little red riding hood. However, because it is digital it is easy to overdevelop the sketch, switching from creative flow to precision and decision. I was not ready for a final drawing yet, but this ping ponging between modes tossed me out of my flow.

So I grabbed my moleskine sketchbook and started light. Then I traced, and before I knew it I had a full sketch. Now the question arose, am I going to continue sketching or just transfer it to digital or switch to watercolor? The flow decided for me. I could not let it go. I worked on it in small iterations. This morning I decided I put too much work in the sketch to redo it all.

The last thing I wanted to try before posting, was making it a hybrid. I scanned the sketch, used Gimp to introduce an alpha layer where all pixels (the lighter they are) will become more transparent. I saved this drawing and used Autodesk Sketchbook to import this drawing and color her cape and hood, and the wolf’s eyes as red as could be. My intent was to ony use red. As red stands for danger, fear, it was fitting to only color those parts that would be needed to emphasize the story.

In the end I overexposed the blacks and added extra saturation to the reds to make the cape really stand out.

I like full drawings with scenery and composition. I do not have much time for that during the week, but a background scene adds so much more to the drawing.

Looking at all stories that the brothers Grimm wrote, tickled my desire to read the original ones. Unabridged, unfiltered, not deemed suited for modern childen’s fragile emotions. The old tales were way more gruesome and had a clear moral to the story. Nowadays the moral is gone, and they are promoted to light bedtime stories. Such a shame.

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