495. Squeaky

It is kind of sad, if five drawings before reaching 500 (!) drawings, my inspiration is at an all time low, where my best idea is drawing my dog’s squeaky toy. Granted, it is a funny toy. Maybe I should make a series as she has many.

My second day in Procreate feels a bit more comfortable, I like the smooth lines and the speed at which sketching can go. At first, I was not motivated at all to draw this morning. I figured I would use the afternoon to draw and hope for the best inspiration-wise. Kind of taking the pressure of an every day drawing for a change.

I crawled out of bed with this mindset, not rushing at all. I am trying to get meditation into my daily routine again, so at 6:05 I started a 5 minutes meditation session. Breathe in, breathe out. After this session I just decided to doodle anyway. No pressure to finish anything, just make a start, see where my thoughts will go.

It went so well, that this ‘fishy squeaky’ was almost done at 6:45 am, content with the end result I just embellished until 7 am, still quite relaxed. A drawing under ~35 minutes.

It is funny how a negative mindset (I can’t finish my drawing anymore this morning as there is no time, so I might as well not even start) can be crippling, and simply not even true, as I did finish my drawing, and still had time to spare. The brain is terrible at predicting future events (unless you fall out of a building and the ground rushes towards you, there is a very big chance you will hit the ground).

Is drawing digitally so much faster? I don’t know. Maybe. Just not getting upset about the time left or end result also helps. Maybe the meditation just made me more focused and put me in a relaxed mind state, who knows.

8 Replies to “495. Squeaky”

    1. The devil is in the brush choice. It took me a day to find brushes that worked for me. I like the apple pencil although it is heavy in the hand it is comfortable to draw with. There is very fine control and it is very responsive. I got the iPad from work, so I am fortunate in that way, but I am amazed with the interface (of Procreate) and the nifty little things it can do. I am sure I am just scratching the surface but it is well worth the purchase. Procreate comes with an elaborate tutorial (86 megabytes pdf) that explains all the basics, and I am excited to try more realistic painting with it. But coming from watercolor I mis the mixing and matching which can add something extra to a drawing. Sometimes speed and efficiency wins over the real thing. I love to do both 😉

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      1. Thanks for the advice, I will pass it on. I have a BROKEN ipad, so… really I don’t have an ipad (apple says it isn’t worth it to repair) but may have to figure one out sometime just for procreate. I’m seeing such good things from it, I’m starting to feel very underdressed without it!

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      2. All things considered, it is just a tool. If I compare it to a free Sketchbook Pro application (on Windows) or the app on an Android device, it is good, but I used the latter apps for a year of mostly digital drawing and they are very sufficient. The brush engine in Sketchbook Pro is comparable, it might lack a few things like “brush tilt” to emulate holding your pencil flat to get broader strokes. But there is where I put a line. If an app is trying it’s hardest to emulate real drawing, I rather do real drawing. It has its place, it’s fun and for illustration that needs to stay digital (for websites or other digital purposes) it works. But replace Procreate with any decent app on a laptop and the only thing that is inconvenient is the mobility and getting used to not looking directly what you draw (if you use a drawing tablet for example). I recently thought of an analogy at work that I hear often. If you hire a good programmer and ask him how easy it is to switch to a new development language, the answer an experienced person would give is; “they are basically the same, with very minute differences that should not take too long to learn”. That is how I feel about any digital drawing app right now. Artflow, Infinite Painter, sketchbook pro, Procreate, if the engine is decent, and the UI does not stop your flow, they are mostly comparable.

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      3. (I understand missing actual watercolor… i can’t imagine trading in the messiness, the brushes, the feel of brush on paper or in the paint, watching the colors mingle…)


      4. Yep and that is why I started my next drawing in my sketchbook again, sketching just for sketching is more gratifying if I smell the graphite and paper. 😊

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