494. Animal Hybrid

This is my first ‘serious’ attempt using Procreate on an iPad. I might get chastised at home, or banned to the basement (we were a strict Android family), but I have to say that this piece of software rocks.

The prompt “animal hybrid” sparked an idea and I looked up an animal hybrid generator and found Wacky Hybrid Creature Generator. I pressed refresh a couple of times and landed on;

A botched experiment merged a spider and a penguin, resulting in a bizarre creature.

That’s what I was going with. But Procreate didn’t not work for me out of the box. I am a typical light strokes sketch guy, letting my hands flow over the paper to find the shapes that I want to emphasize, and the “pencil” brush in Procreate (in respect to other apps like Artflow), feels like I am drawing on sandpaper. Too hard edges, no soft lines to work with and improve on. I didn’t like the tapering either, where the pencil starts light and gains momentum as I go. No real pencil does that! That is not my style, things need to flow as I go.

Determined to fix the sketch problem, I watched some Youtube videos and figured out quickly that the best result for sketching is using a very soft airbrush as sketching tool. When that hit, I got better results. But still, not very satisfied as the size margins for the brush to be effective, were very delicate. I searched for sketch brushes and landed on Georg’s sketch brush. Exactly what I needed!

After I played around with that brush and mastering the main controls of Procreate (which I have to say, are very intuitive), I started with this drawing in the morning. It was done in about 45 minutes. I used Georg’s sketch brushes and in the end use the Studio Pen to get more crisp lines in the inking process.

I am so used to blending with pastels in Autodesk Sketchbook that I felt a bit lost with the colors, but because the blending engine in Procreate works the way it does, I can work around that by applying texture and blend for a smoother and hopefully more realistic effect. I am not there yet.

I will be using Procreate for a while to see how it goes. I got the iPad from work, for e-mail, stuff, but also to do illustrations on. One of the perks of being the company’s illustrator. I won’t look suspicious when I’m doodling a bit 😉

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