493. Interstellar

Cooper: TARS Humor: 75%. 
TARS: Confirmed. Auto self destruct sequence in T minus 10, 9… 
Cooper: Let’s make that 60%. 
TARS: [Long Beat] *With a very visible tone of resignation* 60% confirmed. [Beat] Knock knock. 
Cooper: You want 55?

Source: tvtropes.org

I started out with rough TARS sketches in my sketchbook. It has been a while, but I used the “Scan Sketch” functionality in Autodesk Sketchbook for Android. It was cumbersome as there is a “sketch finder” jiggling all over the place, and all I wanted is to capture what the camera showed at that point. In the end it only worked well when I scanned my whole sketchbook spread out, not a single page.

I relaxed in bed and started tracing in the Autodesk Sketchbook app, to get a base sketch ready for tomorrow. When I felt confident enough I removed the scanned layer and exported the PSD to Dropbox.

In the PC version of Autodesk Sketchbook I applied the final embellishments and re-aligned the drawings. TARS is not complex to draw, but it always amazes me how counter intuitive straight lines are to draw on a sketchpad (not tablet). When your hand is disconnected from what your eyes can see, lines can go all over the place. I deliberately did not use any align tools or smooth brushes as to me it takes away the playfulness of the drawing.

Today, if the prompt permits I will try my hands on Procreate. Autodesk Sketchbook works great, and I am in love with the sketch engine of Artflow when it comes to digital drawing, but I never really tested Procreate.

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