492. Sailor

Today’s prompt is “sailor”. I decided to draw a cute picture of a frog that treads the waters with a makeshift raft. It also symbolizes my journey in making art.

I’ve noticed as my art skills progress further, that I run against limitations. I only have one day to draw (the whole ‘sketchdaily‘ idea), and on any given work day usually not more than an hour. There is not much time to work on an elaborate art piece that takes hours. But to progress in my art skills, patience is key and time needs to be taken to test the waters on new methods, techniques or types of art, or just give it that final touch.

Traditional media like watercolor can’t be rushed. A quick wash and one or two layers of color are doable, but every coat that needs to dry, introduces more impatience as the clock ticks. My deadline on a workday for the final picture is 7:15 am in the morning (and then it’s time for the daily grind).

The forces of choice in medium and how intricate I want the art piece to be, inevitably brings stress or friction if chosen wrong. I either have to keep the drawings simple, or leave out final steps like coloring to finalize the drawing. It never feels complete when it’s rushed.

I have noticed that (physical) inking and making traditional watercolor drawings are my passion, as long as I can take the time for it. And that usually isn’t on a weekday. This means I have to start finding quicker paths to success to produce a drawing I am content with, and that includes using the digital medium again. On weekends and days off I will be more inclined to take the time and revert to analog art.

I will always keep sketching in my Moleskine, as I noticed that is valuable to study, and just very relaxing. Sometimes the sketch is satisfactory or I can develop it to line art. If I want to go further I can always transplant the drawing to a digital medium, or trace it with a digital painting app.

Here is the sketch of the frog from my Moleskine:

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