491. Draw your current mood

How long will it take for this guy to realize IT took his PC away for maintenance? My mood closely reflects this poor sod’s morning. I slept late, rose early and had nothing to go with.

Today’s prompt is “Draw your mood”. There are 8 basic moods to be in, one is weariness and/or fatigue. The other ones are listed in this diagram;

Reference: Design for Mood: Twenty Activity-Based Opportunities to Design for Mood Regulation – Scientific Figure on ResearchGate

After a hectic weekend I lacked the mental energy to come up with something original, and then I default to my old cartoon style. Although I’ve drawn him quicker today than I did in the past, I am not entirely happy about the choice of colors, or composition.

But, oh well. I feel almost identical to how he looks. Now where is my coffee? 

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