490. Traces of magic

Our second scrum team has some pinball fanatics among their midst and it appears a huge database of virtually all pinball machines exist on the internet.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, we entered sprint 95 and this team also decided to take a stab at incorporating the year 1995 in their team name. In this year, a pinball machine was manufactured called “Theatre of Magic”. As we work with forensic traces, and we have spent a sprint dealing with safely storing these traces, we wanted to extend the feature and had to come up with a new name. Thus the name “Traces of Magic” was born as a dedication to this pinball machine.

Now, this drawing was fairly elaborate. My initial idea for a drawing was completely different, but when researching the pinball machine I just fell in love with the art, and I had to make a play on it.This turned into a two-day effort, trying to recreate the art, in a cartoonified manner. I will include the original art in the bottom, to show that I only used most of the composition, and emphasized parts to make them stand out more.

This is up to this date the most elaborate drawing I ever made, but I really had fun doing it. The process in a nutshell:

  • Take the original image as 20% opacity background image
  • Emphasize objects (tiger, magician, pigeon, bunny) by enlarging them
  • Trace the whole drawing using a blue pencil
  • Use a lot of hatching to create depth and shadows
  • Reducing that layer to 60% opacity and set it to greyscale
  • Retracing the key parts with a black pencil brush
  • Erasing parts of the greyscale layer that are too erratic
  • Coloring with a pastel brush
  • Using a regular brush for emphasis
  • Done.

I hope the team loves the end result as much as I do. I am done with drawing elephants for at least three weeks.

Here is the original artwork, copyright by Midway Manufacturing Company, art by Linda Deal (aka Doane).

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