487. A rainy day

This was quite fun. During my break I researched what a “rainy day” would be to me. It always baffles me that I end up with something I did not intend to draw when I read the prompt.

Creativity is a powerful thing. My first joke was going to be about worms only. Then something with a bird and worms, but I stumbled upon a  reference picture of a cute girl under an umbrella, and all of a sudden the three topics merged into one drawing of a girl, looking at rain worms that are just as interested in her as if they are thinking;  “hey, what are you doing up here, it’s raining!”

I decided to do this digital, as it was faster. But boy was I wrong. The original sketch from my sketchbook was far from finished and I realized I had a sketch of a girl that I could use, and one of the general scenery, but missed the overall composition.

Here is the scan of the sketches I did at my break. As you can see, the girl in the bottom is an improved version of her, but I like the umbrella and worms in the top picture. 

Time for some cut and pasting to get a concept ready. I opened Sketchbook Pro and cut and pasted and rotated chunks so that the other girl was under the umbrella and the overall composition was to my liking. It saves redrawing everything, and it is quite fun to re-use parts of a sketch and create something new. The girl was also slightly tilted as something about her center of gravity was off. 

I went with this version. But I became a bit rusty in the digital domain (it has been more than a month ago). And I spent too much time fiddling with the lines and should have spent a bit more time on reducing the opacity on the concept sketch, as it started to blend into the final drawing. I wanted to do that as I like the accidental lines to show through making it more playful. But, if the overall brightness is at 30% gray, it is not easy to erase around the lines you want to keep. This required another hack..

To get rid of the grey tones I used Gimp (a free pixel editor) and exported the drawing as PNG. Gimp has a neat feature called “Color to alpha” as it will take the overall white balance and remove all of that leaving a transparent outline of the original drawing. 

This I ended up using to color. It was after I already emphasised the lines, but this shows you can quickly do this, without much erasing. 

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