485. Esotropia

My mother always said; “if you stare at the TV too long you will get crossed eyes” (or for people in Britain and the EU; square-eyed).

I always smirked and laughed at the idea, as my eyes would never get square on their own. But it seems there is more truth to the expression than I once thought. Children’s eyes are still developing. And staring at a near object for a very long time (hours) will strain the eye muscles. This can cause nearsightedness. This is by no means medical advice, but something my daughter’s eye doctor mentioned after she got a new eyeglass prescription.

And it is the curse of the modern time. My daughter hardly watches TV, she has YouTube. I can hardly demand her to watch more TV, I rather limit the tablet time by using parental apps. I noticed when she can’t watch YouTube she will get bored, and then find something to do. And more often then not she will go out and play, which is the best for the development of children’s eyes (according to the doctor).

So, today’s cartoon is inspired by my daughter doing this too much for my liking. I personally try to limit my time to social media (Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Feedly) to only 30 minutes a day. This is part of my personal 30 days digital declutter challenge. It helps me take pause, and think. Boredom really isn’t bad. There is a lot going on in your head.

I sketched this having an approximate idea of the cartoon, which changed a couple of times in my mind. I copied the drawing into my Moleskine watercolor sketchbook.

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