484. Succulent

I used to have numerous succulents. They require very little water and care, yet I always kill them by overcaring. I never can judge how much water they need and they end up drowning.

Back in July last year, I’ve also drawn a succulent as Reddit prompt. I don’t think they intend to reuse prompts, and thinking of a new prompt subject every day must be challenging for the moderators.

I wanted to work some more on color vibrancy, which always seems to be a difficult thing to do for me. Most watercolor paintings I do tend to be overdone and look flat, what’s up with that?

I know that my Sakura Koi watercolor brush allows for great vibrancy and I decided to use it on my new Winsor & Newton paint palette and actually mixed green from yellow and blue (OK, and some sap green) which give off a different kind of hue.

What the Sakura brush does well and what is something I might have to recreate, is allowing to pick up a lot of pigment with very little water in the beginning and really saturate the tip with the mix you want. When applying the it to the paper you quickly squeeze to add water to dilute it. It will give more control over what needs to stay vibrant and what needs to be less opaque. The parallel for regular watercolor brushes would be mixing first with very little water, then saturating it with a moist but not wet brush, and after putting the color on paper, dip the brush in water to apply over the paint to water it down. This might be the key for me to recreate what I like about the Sakura Koi brush with a finer tip control and more brush variations.

Here is the previous succulent prompt, done on 30th of July in Autodesk Sketchbook. I used a pastel digital brush for the colors.

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