483. Dream

My dream is to live at a location where I have a house and a piece of forest all to myself, near or at the lake, and a patio to do my drawing on, or play the guitar. If that ever happens I don’t know, but that would encompass my goal after my retirement. I love nature, I love critters, I love the serenity of nothing all around me.

I learned a lot of lessons drawing and painting this. One is patience, and not get too stressed out about colors not turning out the way I wanted them. I also need to work on sampling what I am painting with as I notice that the small mixing palette does a good job withe mixing but the watercolor tends to clump together, like the plastic is repelling the water and has absolutely no desire to show me what the color will approximately look like. That can result in dark droplets in my palette that are actually light when applying, or the other way around.

The colors still look too dark and lack a little vibrancy. I might need to stick to some primary colors to see how that goes. 

Some separate studies to get a good grasp on composing a palette for the forest and trees ans how to build them up layer by layer, might also help.

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