481. House in the weeds

I have become more curious about combining scenes. I walked the dog the other day, and saw a little bush of weed. I made a macro photo from the ground up so that the perspective was that of a bug at ground level. It is interesting to see a different angle of plants that I always look down to as ‘just’ weeds. A closeup picture reveals a mini biome with interesting properties.

Today decided to sketch out part of the leafs, and while drawing I came up with idea of using the weeds as background of a (tiny) house. This is something I want to develop further. Taking plants, small bushes and let my imagination run wild and combine them with real life objects.

It is also the first time I tried my new palette and now I realize after being able to put enough paint in the small compartments, how little paint I actually need to get the colors going. I sketched this in my moleskin watercolor sketchbook and for the first time wasn’t battling puddles of water that warped my paper.

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