480. Draw some dogs

It’s a shame I didn’t get to inking those adorable creatures. The prompt said, no demanded dogs (plural) so I wanted to draw at least two. I tinkered with the idea of drawing cartoon dogs from regular references but got too caught up having fun sketching. So sketches they shall be, and maybe some day I will promote them to watercolor versions.

Today I got my new paint palette in the mail, which is a 20 compartment foldable box that can be used for both urban and indoor painting. I will mostly use it indoors as the round plate on which I dabbed some droplets of paint taught me that it’s hard to get enough pigment on your brush if you have to use water a lot to loosen the paint. With small compartments I can really dab that brush in there and it will contain the pigments in the little area without oversaturating it with water.

The pallette looks like this:

The bottom left three paint compartments are kind of useless as the mixing area is brutalized to allow it to be hand-held outside (although it’s smart how there are three holes to actually store your brushes in). The plastic box is cheap (about ~4 euros / dollars) but that’s OK. It is portable and small, it is even smaller than the plate I used to put water colors on.

I’m eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s prompt to try it out.

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