478. Froglets and tadpoles

My daughter came home a couple of days ago with a bunch of tadpoles in a bucket. We are now trying to keep them alive and enjoy the wonders of amphibian growth. When they are too big, we will set them free again.

So I decided to draw a froglet, in a further stage than our tadpoles are at the moment. If they develop more details I will try to make reference pictures to draw. We have a 1000X zoom handheld camera, and I intend to make some recordings of the tadpoles as they develop. Here is one from our bowl as you can see in a very early stage.

It is hard to get the image sharp as the zoom is manual and requires a steady hand. I also can’t get too near without disrupting them and holding a camera in a shaky hand means it gets fuzzy really quickly. But you can see they have eyes now and this one is resting on some leaf of lettuce.

I have to say I am fascinated with the day to day swimmings of the (not yet slimy) amphibian critters. The life inside the pond water that is now a small biome in a bowl is also a great source for inspiration. My daughter jokingly says that I am now more interested in the tadpoles than she is, which is kind of true.

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