475. Layers man …

It is terrible that the sketch I decided to copy and enlarge by printing a copy, takes longer to be processed by the printer than it took to sketch it.  My printer is next up to be replaced, but he doesn’t know yet. He’s kinda .. slow.

Today’s prompt is “Vegetables”. Onions are not technically a vegetable nor they are a fruit, just like tomatoes are classified as both. We tend to eat onions with a meal and not as a snack although I had a co-worker that would take a bite out of an onion just to show he could.

What I did not knew is that onions have more DNA than humans do. Ok, this research is dated, but it lead to the premise of this joke. It is all about the layers. With Easter on the way there was not much time for an elaborate drawing. Those onions. They think they know better but most of their DNA is junk.

Here is the sketch I started out with.

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