473. Cake

It is almost Easter, and I saw a very jummy cake which I just had to make. The poor peep made a mistake and tossed some eggs off.

During the watercolor process of this cake, I had some better insights of how watercolor works. I noticed that I overdo the number of passes and that I should try to limit them to get a more playful look. Three passes should be my goal. Wet on wet, wet on dry, and final touch.

In the first pass, the overall texture can be loose and flow, and based on texture and areas. When that layer dries, using wet on dry will dissolve and blend the colors, where contrast areas and shadows can be made more prominent. In the last pass, using less water and more pigment in a brush allows for harder contrast and darker shadows. These cannot be made lighter (always work from light to dark), so why bother trying to do more with them?

I am not there yet. I do notice that trying to apply any one of the tree principles (wet on wet, wet on dry, dry on dry) in the wrong order almost never gives a desired outcome for me. Sometimes I still treat the watercolor medium the same as regular color and forget about the intricate effects that happen on paper.

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