472. Fast food

Today’s alternate prompt is “Fast Food”. The primary prompt is “shoes”. I wanted to combine the two and came up with a running bag of fries. I am not sure this is how fries are sold anywhere else but in Europe, but we prefer our pointy bags filled with oily covered goodness. We also have a large variety of weird fried snacks to go with it.

I think this drawing expresses my current physical state well. I should exercise more, and stop calling my regular dog walks “exercise”, because the only one getting real exercise, is the dog. The look on Mr Potato bag is what I would look like at the end of a 5K run which I used to do three times a week. Boy, those calories just oozed off me when I ran at my peak.

My wife had a much better idea to draw. However due to a crappy night, I could not get that going. It required more mental clarity and possibly a concept sketch at night to pull it off. Unfortunately we discussed this right when I was already falling asleep, so I might do that one this Friday as I really like her suggestion.

To be honest, this is more my comfort zone drawing style. I have two modes. One I try to push myself (either with new techniques or challenging art) and I have auto pilot. Since I’ve drawn cartoons for the biggest part of my life, it comes more easy. But that is also why I stopped drawing for so long. After a while, one style gets very boring for me. I notice now that having three main styles (urban art, cartoons, and semi-realistic reference drawing) that they influence each other, sparking more life in all areas and helps me grow overall.

How many styles do you have? 

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