470. Glazed Donuts

Today’s prompt is “hot air balloon” but I procrastinated, tried something and failed horribly with the colors and shading. I was short of ripping the page out, violating every rule of watercolor. I was just too impatient, distracted and stressed to try to fix it.

I tried frantically to repair it, but it is like dabbing an ink stain and using a cleaning agent that just makes the stain worse and worse spreading the colorless misery. I was lazy with the choice of colors, lazy with execution and doing other things while I should just be focused on drawing and painting.

So, instead I want to share my first drawing I’ve drawn in my new Moleskine watercolor sketchbook a couple of days ago. It is a wide, extra large sketchbook which holds water and colors very well.

Courtesy of bookdepository.com

It folds / flips vertically which gives you the freedom to either draw nice landscapes, or smaller pictures where half the size of a page is already enough. It has 70 pages and for the price it is sold for, that is very affordable. This can be the home of serious urban sketchings and other nature observations as it is a book that I can just bring along and enjoy drawing in.

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