469. S94.2 The Tiger King

The second scrum team decided to choose the name “The Tiger King”. It has some meaning within our company, and of course a reference to the 1994 movie The Lion King.

I researched a lot of reference pictures, and tried to visualize an elephant instead of a lion in any of these iconic scenes. Why not a Tiger? Well that is the name of an internal project, it is not meant literal. Every Hansken cartoon has to star the elephant. Period.

However, this drawing did not want to materialize in my Sketchbook at all. My eraser became shorter and shorter, and the paper wore thinner and thinner. In the end I reverted to a little shameless copying instead because I was just done with the hunt for a funny cartoon.

I ended up doing this drawing in reverse. After fruitless doodles I used Sketchbook Pro (to salvage paper and my eraser) to allow myself to fiddle endlessly, and then print it. This gave me more freedom me to just try things without the agonizing process. Although sketching is part of learning, my patience ran out.

It is the second in a the series, and I kind of like doing it on watercolor paper. I am not sure what the team will think of it though. I managed to do both drawings on one A5 size paper.

For the process, I traced the printed digital drawing directly with a Micron 0.5 on a Huion lightpad. This gave me a more clear outline and cartoony look and feel to it. I didn’t hesitate to add hatching to emphasize the shadows, which adds more depth to a drawing.

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