468. S94.1 – Raiders of the lost trace

The teams have started a new sprint, and the first team name of sprint 94 is “Raiders of the lost trace”. This is of course a pun on the 1981 movie, “Raiders of the lost ark”. The moment I heard the name, this visual representation popped in my head.

I made the setup sketch in my sketchbook, which took me longer than I expected (just could not get the arms and legs right). I scanned it, and wanted to fire up Sketchbook Pro and work on it digitally. But, I just did not feel it. I have been abandoning digital drawing for weeks (the last one was the previous sprint cartoon), and I just felt very reluctant trying to draw digitally. I decided to do this on watercolor paper instead.

The mindfulness of actually drawing, and feeling your hand on the paper has become so much more rewarding than using the digital counterpart that I feel prefer this over any other way. It might be a phase, or I am more at ease with my style that I just want to keep on developing it. There is of course also a form of authenticity to drawing by hand. There is no undo. Mistakes become part of the drawing.

Here is the sketchbook version, which I used as a base for the final drawing. 

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