467. Chimney

I used to bike past this place a lot. The street is now called Notenboomtuin, Rijswijk but it used to be a chimney close to a single house surrounded with lots of farming land. Not sure what the chimney was used for, it might be pottery. It is now the only remaining structure of that area, as a small reminder. The rest of the houses are newly constructed.

I am trying to find my loose style for urban sketches but I lack a pen that I like the most for it. A Micron marker is too artificial as the lines are a bit too even for my liking. I love the Lamy pen but they are not watercolor proof.  However, there is a Lamy fountain pen with adapter to hold Indian ink. That might be just what I am looking for as it combines to best of a dip pen and a regular pen in one. I just have to click and compile the purchase as I wasn’t sure of it at the time.

The next post will be accompanied with some tests on watercolor paper vs. sketchbook paper. I cut out a small strip of my watercolor pad, and put it in my sketchbook. I will paint several colors on the strip and in the sketchbook and see how they dry. Maybe in there lies the mystery of the under-saturated colors.

This picture was scanned and enhanced slightly. I tried to compare it with the original to make sure the colors were just right.

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