466. Draw flowers

For this exercise I wanted to redraw an old picture of a rose which I drew digitally about 8 months ago. This time trying to move it to the traditional medium of ink and watercolor.

Unfortunately due to a hasty process, a wrong approach from the start, the colors did not flow right. I should have left the line art first and use watercolor to enhance it, instead I pencil traced it on my light pad (after printing) and went straight to watercolor. I should have realised this takes more time, and without a reference picture from back then, it turned into a ambiguous mess.

But that’s OK, I learned something new. It cannot be rushed when there is limited time. I should have either adjusted my expectations and kept it simple (not trying to apply wet on wet on wet which never works) and not haste this. It ended with me holding a hairdryer over the wet drawing, while touching up so I could use the last 10 minutes I had to trace contours. 
Here is the original digital version I drew somewhere on the 4th of June last year. 

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