465. Plein Air

This is taken from a reference picture of the city of Riquewihr, Alsace. I picked out some building structures as a base but they are not accurate to the reference. I was pressed for time so my coloring and details are a bit off par. Luckily I could enhance it a little bit with a filter.

Something I learned from a video I watched was that you have to push through mistakes. Focus on the things you can learn. In this case I do like how most of the shadows turned out, and for some odd reason I like the rogue strokes on the small attached building to the right. It gives a texture I did not realise would work for buildings.

I tried to mind where the foliage has darker spots in relation to the shadows on the ground. Also, once again I should really try to draw just using pen and not restrain myself with pencil first as it takes you out of the creative flow that I was looking for.

For the next building sketch I will try to stick to contours and perspective lines only and then switch to pen. 

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