464. France

Today’s prompt is France. French cuisine can be delicious, but also… doubtful. One of those delicacies is escargots. Yes, cooked edible snails in garlic butter. 🤢

I first wanted to go with an urban sketch of the town Riquewihr, Elsace which has become my dream town to visit some day. Beautiful medieval town with very vibrant colors. But perspective is still hard for me, and it felt like doing a lot of work with the limited time and resources I had.

The setup of this drawing is done slightly different. I started out with a crude sketch using a 6B Croquis pencil, and then directly started painting over the pencil strokes with watercolor. This was a bit scary as I didn’t knew how the graphite would react to the watercolor. Also, the coloring process was quite challenging in a regular Moleskine sketchbook but I still wanted to do this experiment.

After applying the watercolor, I traced the outlines with Micron markers (0.5 and 0.2) which gave it a stronger emphasis of the lines without the taking the risk of covering the original lines in layers of watercolor afterwards, and dulling them out. One thing to keep in mind is that the watercolor needs to be completely dry if not it might make the pen lines thicker than you wanted.

Why do I torture myself staying in my sketchbook regardless of the mismatch of medium? Well, I’ve been reading up on travel / nature journals and I like this idea a lot. It appeals to me that I can just venture out any moment, any season of the year and shoot some pictures of nature and draw them, or just do it plein air. It is like literally capturing my journey, one day at the time. For this journal I will buy a proper watercolor suited sketchbook, but I wanted to experiment with this first.

It is fun to turn things around. Routine gets boring sometimes.

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