463. Draw a barbecue

It sure was the type of weather yesterday where you could smell the occasional barbecue being lit. A distinct smell of old grease and coals and a warm breeze to carry it. It is still spring, and being able to walk around without a coat around this time of year in the Netherlands is quite unusual.

My first take on drawing a barbecue was trying to paint coals as red glowing embers with a grille on top, but since I had nothing to work on this morning, I defaulted to my BBQ meat dream. A whole pig on a grill. Of course, the pig has to be obese and not content or indifferent to the whole situation, or maybe he just needed a tan on his belly.

This cartoon is done in my Moleskine sketchbook only. I applied a light watercolor wash that would not curl the paper too much, and worked in small layers. There are still minor artifacts of dried up watercolor, but I learned to mostly work eliminate them by drying my brush some and blending the wetness out. 

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