462. Tanks

I try to make it a habit to enter my creative hour of solace as frictionless and serene as possible. When I wake up and want to draw, I know my creative side of my brain is still somewhere in dreamland, and I usually rely on previous sketched concepts or ideas I want to develop further, or have a set of subjects at hand that I want to study. Rarely do I make it to a full drawing in the morning if the sketch is not ready, and today that also seemed the case. I wanted to do concept sketches of a few tanks with as end result a watercolor version of one, but I got stuck sketching, and sketching, and sketching, which was actually quite gratifying. So instead of one tank I drew three.

Yesterday, when I was researching tanks (big tip: really immerse yourself in the subject) I dwindled between old tanks, funny tanks, abandoned tanks growing grass and roots, and went on a tangent and stumbled upon the M41 Walker Bulldog I liked the curved lines of the wheels, and overemphasized them. 

Next up was the Renault (FT17) a lightweight tank that was just too cute to skip.  Below is the first warm-up sketch which I struggled with more than the ones above.

I tried to finalize them as much as the crude sketch would allow me to go. Maybe one day I will revisit one of these and watercolor them after all.

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