460. Silly Snail

I found this little fella on a path on my regular dogwalk. I took a macro picture just before he contracted his eyes. That made him look extra goofy. This is the first real lengthy session I had with my watercolors, and was abundant with the water itself and my three brushes. I mixed in aquarmarine blue with the brown for the eyes making them look not really grey, but just a blueish grey. I had a blast. One thing to take away from this is that I really need to wait until paint dries. It is boring and takes me out of my flow but I had some accidental bleeds here and there.

This time I was very mindful of my cup of coffee. The burn is real. So is the pain.

I did find a new passion. Photographing random objects or nature and drawing them later. I used the picture I took from the Chinese Magnolia earlier, and now Mr. Snale. I seem to have a weird affection for wall ornaments like lights and other decorations so you can expect some of them in the near future as well.

My mixing pallette still has the original paints on it, and I am still using a simple round plate. Effective and gives me absolute mixing freedom.

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