459. April food month – Pizza

Just imagine you’re in the zone. Inking is done, analyzing the first watercolors to mix, and grabbing for the water bowl to start painting. Right at that moment a hot sensation reaches your body, you’re panicking and you’re soaked down to your underwear in your freshly poured steaming hot cup of coffee.

A few things happen at that moment. First you have an instinctive response, where you take off every piece of clothing that is wet, hot and touching your skin to avoid burns. Second is to save the work you were working on. Screw the floor and desk being covered in a big puddle of coffee, your life’s work is on the line.

I only had about 15 minutes left on the clock to start the watercolor process when this happened. The moleskin and my drawings inside were luckily saved from brown coffee stain hell, and no drawing was harmed. The cover did lay in the puddle so it might keep smelling funky for a while.

After cleaning up, I had two choices. Leave the drawing in black and white and go clean up myself, or try to watercolor it still standing in the aftermath of the coffee spill. I decided to go for it, painting and smelling like fresh ground beans, paint it as good as I could in about ten minutes but not caring much about the actual color balance. I just wanted to finish it. The show must go on.

Today’s prompt is “draw your favorite outfit” and I basically do not have one. I am a jeans / t-shirt kind of guy, very uncomplicated. I am no fashion guru. That prompt sparked no joy for me and last night I decided to take a selection of April food month, which has it’s own prompt list for this month. Yesterday was sandwich, today is Pizza.

My favorite pizza is one covered with ansjovis, capers and cheese (It most likely has a name). I am sure my wife sees the pizza like I drew it, as she is totally disgusted with any fish except tuna (in tuna casserole).

My fingers still smell of coffee. Everything else seems to be cleaned up as much as I could. The only proof this happened is the brown stain in the left top corner of the drawing which is a partial coffee thumbprint of me grabbing my sketchbook right after preventing any bodily harm to myself.

Anyone interested in the prompt list, here it is;

  1. ice cream
  2. hot drinks
  3. sandwich
  4. pizza
  5. waffles
  6. hot dog
  7. pancakes
  8. ribs
  9. croissant
  10. pudding
  11. lemonade
  12. salad
  13. glazed donuts
  14. fish and chips
  15. bagels
  16. fruits
  17. fast food
  18. cake
  19. pasta
  20. vegetables
  21. eggs (on Easter, of course)
  22. sushi
  23. pie
  24. soup
  25. fried chicken
  26. cupcakes
  27. breakfast bowl
  28. tacos
  29. brownie
  30. falafels

I might be borrowing some inspirations of this when the main prompt is not triggering anything. Also, food is a great subject to practice watercolor on.

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