458. Chinese Magnolia

I made a picture of a beautiful bush of Chinese Magnolia blooming right around the time the equinox was officially a fact (March 21st). They were beautiful and I wanted to paint one of those. Today was the day. The actual prompt was “Cats” but I just purchased a Da Vinci petit gris pur brush (number 2) and I was dying to try it out. This is a proper watercolor brush and it shows.

Although the brush was a little too big (I could have done with a smaller size) it produces beautiful results. The longest time I was waiting for the abundant water to dry, another sign it was one size too big. But I fell in love with this way of painting and what a good brush can actually do.

From: the bucketlist calendar

This motivational quote was on our calendar yesterday, which basically tells a story on it’s own. As this Magnolia bloomed only shortly (I think it was a week), in our family we are also slowly embracing art more and more. We got new supplies, my wife is seriously thinking about drawing more, and I keep telling the perfectionist in her that not every drawing has to be a masterpiece. It just can’t, especially when drawing every day. Some days you feel like crap, some days you feel inspired, some days you don’t feel it at all. It is all about the routine, be content and learn from what you can do.

Nothing blooms all year, not flowers, not your creativity. There will always be ups and downs. But you do learn from every drawing, even the ones born from mistakes or accidental pencil strokes.

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