456. Fool

Today’s prompt is “Fool”, you know, for obvious reasons. I guess the joke’s on him for trying to reuse an old bag of tricks. I was pretty happy with the posture, it is not completely my default style so I felt challenged enough to make him look right. I am more a round faces guy but recently discovered that using more of the facial contours enhances the expression.

Using different pigmented watercolor and mixing style (Winstor & Newton Cotman) produced an interesting side effect. The bleed around the edges of the colors are more prominent, and that isn’t neccessarily a bad thing. It can look pretty when it’s part of the style you’re going for. I think it also has to do with the water being absorbed differently in a moleskine.

The most challenging parts of this new coloring process were;

  • Mixing pink. I used white from a Lamy tube to mix the red + yellow to get a decent pink, but it flattened the colors due to the heavy pigment in the white, and it also destroyed a lot of inked lines that I had to redraw again.
  • Not using a pointy brush. I seem to not own a regular pointy brush except the Sakura Watercolor brush and that is very challenging on a relatively small drawing. I used a 0.5 cm semi flat brush which made me overshoot some lines.

As for the color choice. I chose stronger yellow and red on the sides, and let them mix in the middle. As I am still learning to use the new mixing pallette, I conceded with the colors as they were, also because of the size of the brush, limited time (I started late) and the unforgiving moleskine, as it is not watercolor paper.

I do think I am going to order a relatively cheap mixing pallette instead of using a glass plate. It feels it is in the way and limits my freedom on this desk. Not to mention I am afraid it will fall on the ground one day and shatter.

Here is the cartoon from last year, called “It was the night before April Fools…”. In my more digital days..

Happy April Fools!

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