455. Building (a pallette)

This building started as a small (sloppy) attempt to check out my new Winstor & Newton Cotman watercolor tubes. I am in the process of assembling my own pallette in an attempt to make the mixing of colors much easier. One of the downsides I feel of the Koi Watercolor (30 piece) kit, is that it is hard to keep a consistent mix of colors. This happens because the the watercolor brush adds water while squeezing, slowly dilluting the mix. Also, the pigment in the watercolor compartments turn out to be more grainy when dilluted.

I want to experiment with a pallette and what I really need to do to have them semi-permanent on this pallette. I researched types of pallete layouts, but for now settled on a simple plate. The only requirement I had was that it needs to be a as white as possible glass plate.

Here is my setup. I will probably transition to a pallette with compartments, but just to get the experience this actually worked pretty well.

Here I am trying to layout the colors according to a natural order. Although I do not have them all, it is wise to have the tones together that go together, for easier mixing. In the right bottom corner I have Payne Gray and Ivory Black.

I’ll keep you updated on what type of pallette suits me well, what does not work, and if there are interesting colors I want to try, which ones they are. Because, one of the advantages of composing your own pallette is that you get to choose the colors, and try new exiting ones.

The colors I have now are;

  • Sap green
  • Veridian hue (dark green)
  • Cerulean blue hue
  • Ultramarine (dark blue)
  • Payne gray
  • Ivory black
  • Rose madder hue (red)
  • Cadmium red hue
  • Sepia (darker brown)
  • Burnt umber (light brown)
  • Yellow ocre (dark yellow)
  • Lemon yellow

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