453. Windmill

This is a semi urban drawing of windmill “The Rose” in Delft. When I bike to town, I pass it every time and always marvel at it’s beauty. It is the last of the 15 mills Delft once had. Most of them are either broken down, burned down or discontinued. This one is built in 1679 and is still operational, milling grain for animal feed and bread. It used to come with a small little store where you could buy the product but nowadays they have more open house events which are pretty neat to do, going all the way to the top of the mill.

Last night, strained under the tiredness of the day I sketched the mill, ready to be inked and colored this morning. I wanted to do more with the scenery, but also knew that within a single hour in the morning, a drawing this elaborate was already pushing it.

I am slowly getting the urban sketch itches again and can’t wait to go out and just sketch what I see. I do know I need to work more on the contrast of my painting where the shades are really persistent. The difficulty of this reference was that most of the buildings had that same earthy tone, so I had to use red to make some distinguished areas. If had more time it would have been more elaborate, but I am definitely not unhappy with the result.

In the first picture you can see the dip pen I used to ink it, and the Sakura Koi watercolor brush to color it.

Added bonus: I just biked past the mill for an errand, and tried to make the exact picture as I found on the internet. As you can see the wings of the mill are turned. Also, I had to guess the side of the small house as there was too much contrast in that area to really see where the house ended, and the mill began.

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