452. Toasti

The theme for today is “The Netherlands”. I’m coming from this country of milk, cheese, cows, tulips and windmills. But drawing any of that just made me feel like a tourist in my own sketchbook.

This morning I was reminded of a discussion yesterday at the lunch table about a semantics and what would define a ‘tosti’. For non Dutch speakers, this translates to a grilled ham cheese sandwich. We have multiple varieties but it boils down to the fact ham and cheese (and the grilling) must be the main components. At that moment this idea popped in my head.

It’s literal. It’s my ideal version of this sandwich. Maximum ham, and maximum cheese, but I don’t think the pig agrees with me.

I’ve drawn this in my sketchbook with a Croquis H, and outlined it with a 6B pencil. I used the Sakura Koi brush pen for most of the lines, and a Micron 0.2 for hatching and the eyes. The watercolor turned out nicely, with a gradient in the colors by pushing most of the pigment to the sides of the pig.

Oh and I added the flag on top because I wanted to give it a sort of Dutch theme.

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