451. Boat

I chose to work on a simple rowing boat which was just bobbing there in the water. Not too complex of a water surface, and just focus on the values. My dream drawing is one where I want to make a set of boats moored at a dock at sunset in the water which reflect beautifully.

For now, a simple rowing boat already has it’s challenges. One of the challenges with painting over wet surfaced watercolor is I that can’t wait too long and it is still damp. When I apply another wash too quickly the paper will tear. Quick swift movements are OK, but the moment it gets too wet, the pulp of the paper starts to deteriorate making it look grainy.

I used a Micron 0.1 for the boat outline and a Micron 0.05 for minor lines. I need to get thinner inserts on my dip pen to get the same effect.

Colors mainly used for the boat are Burnt Umber, Yellow Ocre and Light Red. For the water I mixed mainly Turquoise Blue and Payne Gray.

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