449. S93.1 Dead Parrot

This is the second drawing for my team(s). The first one is found here.

The theme for the second team’s name is called “Dead Parrot”. The description why this name came to be, leads to the first cartoon I did “Monty Python” which was chosen after the Britisch comedy group, and the fact Python was used for the main development language. Dead Parrot is a sketch by the same group, which I urge you to check out. It is old, but a cult classic for the in-crowd watching Monty Python growing up.

We have an expression called “open ends” or “dead work”. Work that is stalled and needs to continue but we have nor the time or the resources. As every Hansken comic has to have an elephant in it, I found it funny to visualize the parrot’s “demise” to be because the elephant accidentally sat on it.

Here is the moleskine version which I drew shortly after the parrot study. Hardly finished work but I took it as a base and drawn the rest in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.

The digital tools used are a regular H pencil brush and HB brush for the darker lines, my Wacom Intuos M works great for keeping lines smooth because of it’s bigger surface area. At the end I used the pastel brush to color, and smoothed out the gradients by lowering the flow of that brush so that there is more blending going on.

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